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Venturi Proportioning – Principles of Operation

Many Lafferty products use the venturi effect to dilute chemicals by drawing concentrates into the water stream on demand.

Pump Fed Airless Foam Wands

In addition to foam wands for our complete systems, Lafferty also manufactures a wide range of foam wand accessories to apply any chemical with foaming properties.

Hands-Free Mixing Stations

Foot-lever activation allows for sanitary, hands-free chemical mixing and dispensing.

Compact Foggers

Compact Foggers are a fast and effective way to apply disinfectants and sanitizers at close range or for whole-room surface disinfection.

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Discover new products and learn how to select, install, operate, and maintain chemical application equipment. The Lafferty Learning Center presents decades of institutional knowledge, tips/tricks, and best practices in a visual multimedia format.

Product specific guidelines are provided in the Installation and Operation Instructions for each unit, which are available on the main Lafferty website.

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