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Industrial Cleaning

Large buildings and equipment require large-scale cleaning solutions.

Sentinel™ Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

The Lafferty Sentinel secures and protects a wide range of chemical containers with dispensing pumps while reducing over dispensing.

Fogging with Proven Results

Fogging can disinfect surfaces many times faster than hand wiping and is easy to incorporate into any new or established cleaning process. Learn about Lafferty Fogger configurations and how to validate results with ATP swab testing.

Hands-Free Mixing Stations

Foot-lever activation allows for sanitary, hands-free chemical mixing and dispensing.

Welcome to the Lafferty Learning Center

Discover new products and learn how to select, install, operate, and maintain chemical application equipment. The Lafferty Learning Center presents decades of institutional knowledge, tips/tricks, and best practices in a visual multimedia format.

Product specific guidelines are provided in the Installation and Operation Instructions for each unit, which are available on the main Lafferty website.

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Accessories for Venturi Systems

Chemical management made simpler, neater, cleaner and safer - Lafferty. In addition to supplying spare parts for all Lafferty equipment, Lafferty offers many convenient accessories to complement its wide range of...

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