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Asphalt Release

Lafferty Asphalt Release (AR) Systems quickly and consistently apply asphalt release agents as liquid spray or clinging foam.

Venturi Proportioning – Principles of Operation

Many Lafferty products use the venturi effect to dilute chemicals by drawing concentrates into the water stream on demand.

Foamer Demonstration Videos

Watch Lafferty Foamers in action to select the best model for the job based on the available utilities, desired foam throw distance, and most efficient coverage speed.


Cleaning and sanitation is a critical part of the brewing process whether you’re a hobbyist, local Brewmaster, or the sanitation manager of a large beverage processing facility.

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Discover new products and learn how to select, install, operate, and maintain chemical application equipment. The Lafferty Learning Center presents decades of institutional knowledge, tips/tricks, and best practices in a visual multimedia format.

Product specific guidelines are provided in the Installation and Operation Instructions for each unit, which are available on the main Lafferty website.

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Stainless Steel Foggers

Stainless steel materials of construction may be required for certain pharmaceutical or food/beverage manufacturing facilities. Many fogger models are available with stainless steel fogger bodies and metering tip...

Compact Foggers

Compact Foggers are a fast and effective way to apply disinfectants and sanitizers at close range or for whole-room surface disinfection.

Pump Manual: Electric Pump, SS, 110V, 3/4HP

Lafferty Part #710546 Used in Lafferty drive-thru asphalt release systems (EP models). 3/4 horsepower13.0 amp draw on startup / 7.2 amp runningStainless steel body and impellerViton seals1″ FNPT discharge10 GPM @...

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