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Foam Bars with Spreader Nozzles

Lafferty Foam Bars include machined stainless steel Spreader Nozzles, which rotate inward to overlap output for heavier foam coverage over a narrower area, and outward to maximize coverage width.

Balanced Systems Troubleshooting 101

Lafferty approaches the design and manufacture of chemical application equipment by creating application-specific, integrated, balanced systems that are easy to install and that offer years of trouble-free performance.

Entryway Foam Sanitizers Overview

Turn anti-bacterial chemicals into a protective foam barrier that clings to boots and wheels and penetrates cracks and crevices to eliminate cross-contamination.

Hands-Free Mixing Stations

Foot-lever activation allows for sanitary, hands-free chemical mixing and dispensing.

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Discover new products and learn how to select, install, operate, and maintain chemical application equipment. The Lafferty Learning Center presents decades of institutional knowledge, tips/tricks, and best practices in a visual multimedia format.

Product specific guidelines are provided in the Installation and Operation Instructions for each unit, which are available on the main Lafferty website.

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