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Label Printing Services

Chemical-resistant labels for demanding environments.

Lafferty products feature chemical resistant labels to clearly identify the name of the product, model number, customer service contact information, safety warnings, and other important details.

These labels are tough, but not tougher than our equipment, so Lafferty offers label printing services to keep your well-used equipment looking like new. Contact your Sales Representative to learn more and order.

Label Specifications

  • Vibrant, high-resolution color
  • Printed on durable bi-axially oriented polypropylene substrate
  • Laminated with polypropylene film
  • Resistant to a wide range of chemicals
  • Printed in-house, on-demand to allow for fast turnaround and customization

Types of Labels

  • Primary unit label for easy product identification
  • Warning and advisory labels to enhance safety
  • User instructions for easy operation
  • Function callout for buttons, timers, valves, levers, etc.
  • Assorted specialty labels and custom designs

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