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Chemical Manufacturing

Does your company manufacture chemical products?  If so, you know that your distributors and customers need reliable equipment to keep the chemical flowing.

Lafferty manufactures hundreds of unique systems to dilute, dispense and apply chemical in accordance with your requirements. Foamers, sprayers, foggers, transfer/pump stations, dilution control systems, and more!

High-quality chemical management equipment prevents unnecessary downtime and service calls, and ensures that chemical is applied correctly.

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Contact us to discuss your goals and allow us to recommend equipment to pair with your chemical offerings. In addition to our wide range of standard products, modifications, upgrades, and custom units are available to meet any challenge.

Mixing Stations dispense diluted chemical into any size container.

Sprayers and Sanitizers project liquid chemical in a fan pattern.

Foamers increase chemical contact time and reduce water usage.

Foggers project damp or dry chemical mist to fill the air and wet surfaces.

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Upgrades, modifications, color-coding, and custom units can meet any challenge.

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