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Asphalt Release Equipment

Lafferty Asphalt Release (AR) Systems allow quick, even application of asphalt release agents. Manual and Drive Thru configurations are available to apply liquid spray or clinging foam. Depending on the model, AR Sprayers can utilize pre-diluted chemical solution or dilute chemical concentrate on demand.

Asphalt paving projects rely on hot mix transport trucks to keep on schedule so the job stays on track. Effective asphalt release agents and application equipment are critical to this mission, whether for the beds of asphalt transport trucks or for drag slat systems in the asphalt plant yard or for pavers or rollers at the paving site.

Lafferty Equipment offers a wide variety of heavy duty application equipment to suit every need.

Asphalt Release Sprayer or Foamer Systems Configurations:
  • Water Driven — Timed and Manual
  • Air Pump Driven — Timed and Manual
  • Electric Pump Driven — Timed and Manual
  • Automated Drive-Thru Systems — Air Pump and Electric Pump Models
    • DART™— Push Button Activated
    • RADAR™ — Sensor Activated

All include models for concentrated or ready-to-use release agents

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