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Food and Beverage

Demanding environments and critical production schedules require reliable and high-performing equipment. For decades, Lafferty has been a trusted supplier for companies at all levels of the food and beverage industry – from local craft breweries to large-scale processing plants.

Quality equipment makes it easy for employees to dilute, dispense and apply chemical correctly.

Lafferty products are top performers. They typically provide years of service while consistently proportioning chemicals and producing high quality foam, spray or fog. When your chemical equipment is out of operation, you lose money whether you are an end user or chemical supplier.

Almost any Lafferty foamer, sprayer, or fogger can be used in a food and beverage situation. Contact us to discuss your goals and allow us to recommend equipment based on requirements and expectations.

Refrigerated and frozen foods • Baked goods • Produce • Meat, poultry and seafood • Snack foods • Canned foods • Dairy • Soft drinks and beverages • Beer, wine and spirits

  • Foamers
  • Sanitizers / Sprayers
  • Multifunction Hose Drop Stations
  • Entryway Foam Sanitizers
  • Foggers / Misters
  • Mixing Stations / Proportioners
  • Bulk Chemical Transfer
  • Hand Sanitizer Dispensers
  • Pressure Washer Attachments
  • Conveyor Cleaning
  • Foam & Spray Bars

In addition to our wide range of standard products, modifications, upgrades, color-coding, and custom units are available to meet any challenge.

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