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Compact Airless Foamer – Feature Callout & Options

Lafferty Compact Airless Foamers dilute concentrated chemical from the attached bottle to the desired ratio, and project wet clinging foam at distances up to 12 feet.

The PDF below shows Model #969925-B32. Similar foamers are offered in a wide range of configurations.


Overview & Setup

Spreader Nozzle


  • Garden hose gun activation (969925-B32)
  • Stainless steel ball valve activation with focused rinse nozzle (969930-B32)
  • Draw product from any container (969937)


  • Storage Rack to protect your investment (224301)
  • Spreader Nozzle for more efficient close-range foaming (180325)

Also Available: Compact Sprayers

Compact Sprayers project liquid spray instead of foam.

Compact Foamers and Sprayers are Interchangeable

All Compact Foamers and Sprayers are available without an activation method (no gun) to allow quick switching between foaming and spraying, or different chemicals.

We offer several Foam/Rinse/Spray kits, or users can mix-and-match different applicators and activation methods.

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