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Conveyor-Mate™ Sanitizers and Foam Systems

Lafferty Conveyor-Mates™ dilute chemical on-demand and apply foam or sanitizing spray directly onto moving conveyor belts.

Adjustable-geometry stainless steel arms and unique Spreader Nozzles™ ensure optimal coverage in any position.

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Overview Video

Interactive 3D Model

ROTATE: Use menu buttons, mouse wheel, or click and drag viewer left/right. Some models also tilt up/down.
ZOOM: Use menu button or double-click viewer.

Icons appear when features are visible. Hover over or click icons to learn more. Move cursor away or click to close popups.

Enable full screen to see popup content that extends beyond viewer area.

Download Product Spotlight: English / Español

Conveyor-Mate™ Systems for Any Situation

  • Foamers and spray sanitizers
  • Mount-in-place and portable configurations
  • Various flow rates to cover different width belts
  • One or two adjustable arms (portable models)
  • Interchangeable wand for manual application (mount-in-place models)

Selection Guide

Part numbers below link to product details on the main Lafferty website.

MICRO FOAMER – Coverage Width Up to 11”
975915Portable 5 Gallon Conveyor-Mate Micro / Micro Foam System
LV FOAMER – Coverage Width Up to 32”
975920Conveyor-Mate LV Foam System
(Mount-in Place)
975921Portable 5 Gallon Conveyor-Mate LV Foam System
975922Portable 5 Gallon Conveyor-Mate LV / LV Foam System
LC FOAMER – Coverage Width Up to 48”
975930Conveyor-Mate LC Foam System
(Mount-in Place)
975931Portable 5 Gallon Conveyor-Mate LC Foam System
975932Portable 5 Gallon Conveyor-Mate LC / LC Foam System
 SPRAY SANITIZERS – Coverage Width Up to 48”+
975910Conveyor-Mate 315 Sanitizer System
(Mount-in Place)
975911Portable 5 Gallon Conveyor-Mate 315 Sanitizer System
975912Portable 5 Gallon Conveyor-Mate 315 / 315 Sanitizer System

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