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Lafferty manufactures tough and high performing chemical dilution and application equipment to match the environments where it is used.

Chemicals are diluted and applied in countless situations every day on mine sites.

Lafferty manufactures high-performing equipment to help with everything from degreasing small engines to washing 250 ton trucks.

Almost any Lafferty system can be used somewhere on a mine site, but our all-stainless steel configurations offer maximum durability the most demanding environments.

  • Large vehicle washing
  • Drive-thru and manual application
  • Degreaser spraying
  • Conveyor belts
  • Dust suppression
  • Foam bars with custom stainless steel Spreader Nozzles
  • Foam wands
  • Fin fan foam cleaning
  • Foggers / misters
  • And more!

Air-Assisted and Airless Foamers


Mixing Stations (Proportioners)

High Volume Foamer

The HV Foamer is high volume, water driven, compressed air assisted foam applicator.

This 4 GPM @ 40 PSI venturi injection system uses city water pressure (35 – 125 PSI) to draw and blend chemical concentrate into the water stream and project foam up to 25 feet.

The HV Foamer is available with up to four Stainless Steel Spreader Nozzles, which can be mounted on a foam bar or positioned individually to achieve the desired coverage.

The Super HV Foamer offers even higher 10+ GPM output and foam throw up to 45 feet!

Systems are available to dilute chemical concentrate on demand, or receive pre-diluted chemical from a pumping or user-supplied dilution system.

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