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Foam Bars with Spreader Nozzles

Spreader Nozzles are a unique Lafferty innovation that produce a wide fan pattern for rapid and broad chemical application.

Our Entryway Sanitation Systems, Hose-End Compact Foamers, and Airless Foam Wand have used Spreader Nozzle variants with great success over many years.

Lafferty Foam Bars include machined stainless steel Spreader Nozzles, which rotate inward to overlap output for heavier foam coverage over a narrower area, and outward to maximize coverage width.

Product Spotlight
Conveyor-Mate™ HV Foam System
Model # 975940

The HV Foamer is a high volume foamer (4 GPM @ 40 PSI) that uses city water pressure to dilute concentrated chemical on demand, injects compressed air, and projects rich, clinging foam through a 1″ ID x 50′ hose. Foam throw distance is up to 25 ft. when using the foam wand with zero degree nozzle or 15 ft. with fan nozzle.

The Conveyor-Mate HV Foam System includes the standard HV Foamer discharge assembly and a foam bar that can be permanently installed. Quick connects allow the user to switch between the foam wand and foam bar.

Foam bar coverage is adjustable from 4 to 10 ft. wide when installed 3 ft. from the object being foamed.

Foam bars are ideal for cleaning and sanitizing food processing conveyor belts, dust suppression on mine sites, drive-thru vehicle wash, or any situation that requires wide coverage from stationary nozzles.

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