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Low Water Pressure?

Venturi mixing stations, foamers, and sprayers use water pressure to dilute chemical concentrate on demand.

The water supply must provide sufficient water volume at high enough pressure to create a vacuum in the injector body to draw chemical into the water stream. Low or inconsistent water pressure will affect system performance and dilutions.

A booster pump (see below) can help overcome low water pressure problems.

Test Kit #336340

To help plan installations using city water pressure, Lafferty offers a Water Pressure/Flow Test Kit to measure the available pressure and flow prior to selecting and installing equipment.

The included metering plugs simulate common unit flow rates to measure the expected dynamic water pressure DURING equipment operation.

The dynamic water pressure during equipment operation is lower than the static (deadhead) water pressure. Planning based on the static water pressure is a common mistake when evaluating utilities. Water pressure may seem “good” until a high-water-usage venturi system starts flowing, which can cause the line pressure to drop considerably.

Ultimate SS Foamer with Gauges #914115-G

An on-unit water pressure gauge eliminates guessing and the need for a test kit.

Many city water pressure systems include a water pressure gauge. For other systems, a gauge is highly recommended as an optional upgrade.

Knowing the water pressure is a critical aspect of selecting metering tips and setting the dilution ratio.

Consider a booster pump when the water pressure coming into the building is simply too low.

Contact your local pump supplier to learn more and purchase.

Lafferty systems are incredibly tolerant of low and fluctuating water pressure. However, on-site variables, such as plumbing changes or irregular water demand, can drop the water pressure enough to prevent proper chemical draw.

Water pressure booster pumps receive low water pressure and boost it to the desired range.

The pressure boost and final output pressure depends on the incoming pressure, pump specifications, and the volume demand of the venturi systems being used. Electric booster pumps can often be used for small to mid-sized cleaning applications with Lafferty venturi systems that require city water pressure.

PLEASE NOTE: We recommend performing due diligence to ensure pump suitability for the intended application. Contact your local pump supplier to learn more and purchase.

Learn to install, maintain, and troubleshoot venturi dilution and application systems.

Looking for a “Whole-Facility” solution for low water pressure and central chemical management?

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