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Liberty LC Foamer

ON-DEMAND CHEMICAL DILUTION provides many operational and maintenance advantages compared to typical air pump foamers that need to be filled with ready-to-use chemical.

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Featured System:
Portable 20-Gallon Liberty LC Foamer
Model # 941387

The Portable 20-Gallon Liberty LC Foamer is a medium volume venturi foam applicator designed for facilities with low or fluctuating water pressure. It projects foaming chemicals on to any surface up close or at distances up to 10 feet.

This unit features an all stainless steel 4-wheel cart and enclosure and uses a cost-effective Flojet air-operated, double-diaphragm pump to draw water from the 20-gallon tank and provide the pressure for the venturi “LC Foamer”. The LC Foamer body draws and blends chemical concentrate into the water stream to create an accurately diluted solution.

Dilutes chemical on demand. No chemical passes through the pump (only water).

Compressed air is injected into the solution to greatly increase volume and coverage ability and rich, clinging foam is projected through the hose, wand, and fan nozzle.

On-demand chemical dilution provides many operational and maintenance advantages compared to typical air pump foamers that need to be filled with ready-to-use chemical. No chemical passes through the pump, which extends pump life and makes this unit suitable for aggressive chemicals that would otherwise necessitate frequent and expensive pump replacement.

The Liberty LC Foamer is also available in a wall-mounted configuration.

Interactive 3D Model

Rotate the interactive viewer to see inside the pump enclosure. The viewer will automatically play one loop upon loading.

ROTATE: Use menu buttons, mouse wheel, or click and drag viewer left/right. Some models also tilt up/down.
ZOOM: Use menu button or double-click viewer.

Icons appear when features are visible. Hover over or click icons to learn more. Move cursor away or click to close popups.

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Optional Drain Foamer Attachment

  • Projects rich, clinging foam into drains for quick and effective cleaning.
  • Drain cover plate prevents backsplash towards the user.
  • Extended wand reduces bending and helps prevent back strain.
  • Includes quick disconnect fittings to install on the discharge ball valve and standard foam wand, which allows the user to easily switch between the foam wand and drain foamer attachment.

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