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Institutional facilities strive to provide clean and sanitary environments to protect the welfare of individuals in their care. Whether you need to fill a mop bucket, dispense hand sanitizer, or apply biosecurity disinfectants, Lafferty chemical dilution and application equipment gets the job done quickly, accurately, and consistently.

Quality equipment saves time and money by making it easy for users to dilute and apply chemical correctly.

Foamers, sprayers, and chemical mixing stations are available in a variety of configurations and with flow rates to suit large or small jobs.

Contact us to discuss recommendations based on what you’re washing, the chemicals being used, and the available utilities (water pressure, compressed air, etc.) Upgrades and modifications are available to meet any special challenge.

Schools and Universities

Hospitals and Healthcare

Assisted and Community Living

Daycare and Summer Camps

Houses of Worship and Community Centers

Correctional Facilities

Government Offices

Mixing Stations dilute concentrated chemical on demand and dispense into any size container.

Mixing Stations are available with multiple valves for different products, flow rates, and/or dilution ratios. Many Lafferty Mixing Stations feature integral backflow prevention and are certified to ASSE Standard 1055.

The Sentry Hand Sanitizer Dispenser stands guard 24/7.

Foggers apply disinfectant and deodorizing chemicals.

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