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Pump Up Foamer Parts and Customization Options

Pump Up Foamers are versatile chemical applicators for situations where water pressure is not available. Air from the tank is injected into the chemical solution, which creates foam quality similar to compressed air assisted foam.

Individual parts can be replaced as needed. Lafferty also offers parts to modify the wand and nozzle assembly to help achieve the desired coverage.

The frequency of replacement depends on how diligently best practices are observed and the amount of use/abuse received. Consider water or compressed air driven equipment to eliminate pumping and the associated maintenance hassles.

Refer to the parts diagram for your specific unit before ordering. Sprayers are visually similar but include several different components.

The part numbers below link to product details on the main Lafferty website.

Part NumberDescription
709048Cap/Pump Replacement Assembly
709042Handle/Piston (O-Ring Not Included)
709044Pressure Relief Valve
See below for full parts diagram
Part NumberDescription
709040Pump Up Repair Kit, Viton
–Includes Silicone Grease–
709040-EPump Up Repair Kit, EPDM
–Includes Silicone Grease–
709042-ORING-VO-ring, Handle/Piston, Viton
709042-ORING-EO-ring, Handle/Piston, EPDM
709038-VPump Up, Umbrella Valve, Viton
709038-EPump Up, Umbrella Valve, EPDM
709049Silicone Grease, 5gm Tube
–Included with Repair Kits–
Part NumberDescription
320420Gun, Trigger, 1/2″, Viton
320420-EGun, Trigger, 1/2″, EPDM
101002Foam Pad Screen, Hastelloy
101050Foam Pad
53660810″ Wand (Standard)
53660927″ Extended Wand (Optional)
536609-3636″ Extended Wand (Optional)
257604PP45° Angle Nozzle Adapter (Optional)
25737990° Angle Nozzle Adapter (Optional)
1756520SSNozzle, SS, 1/4″ – 6520 (Standard Fan)
180030Nozzle, SS, 1/4″ – 0030 (Zero Degree)
Part NumberDescription
709063Suction/Discharge Assembly, Viton
709063-ESuction/Discharge Assembly, EPDM
709041Dip Tube, 3-Gallon
Cut to length for 1.5-gallon tanks
803206Hose, Blue, 3/8″ ID x 6′

Chemical Compatibility Note:

Viton/Nitrile o-rings and seals are used in our standard configurations and replacement parts. These seals are suitable for a wide range of general purpose cleaning products.

Alternately, Pump Up Foamers and some individual parts are available with EPDM seals pre-installed. These parts numbers typically include -E and the end of the part number.

PRO TIP: It is typically more cost-effective to purchase a standard part along with an EPDM repair kit to utilize when the standard seals need to be replaced due to chemical exposure and normal use. (There are no user-serviceable seals in the trigger gun.) O-Ring Replacement Guide.

#925005 Pump Up Foamer Pro, 3 Gallon

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