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Sentry™ Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

The Sentry Hand Sanitizer Dispenser is a hands free, all stainless steel dispenser for gel and liquid hand hygiene products (sanitizer/soap). Foot pedal activation eliminates contamination due to hand contact, and a stainless steel mechanical pump sprays a field-adjustable amount of product into the users hand.

The Lafferty Sentry is perfect for dispensing hand sanitizer in food preparation areas, hospitals, military facilities, retail store entrances, and countless other locations.

Sentry #976901-LB at a Highway Rest Stop

The industrial design allows for free-standing operation or permanent installation, with many jug rack options for chemical storage.

Part NumberDescription
976901-LBSentry Secure Hand Sanitizer Dispenser
976901Sentry Hand Sanitizer Dispenser (Floor Mount)
976906Sentry Hand Sanitizer Dispenser (Wall Mount)
709101-SENTRYLid, PP, 1 Gallon Jug, Sentry
224200Jug Rack, SS, 1 Gallon, Round/Square
224200-LJug Rack, SS, 1 Gallon, Locking

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The Lafferty Sentry™ stands guard 24/7 to prevent cross-contamination.

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