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Pressure Washer Equipment – Selection Guide

Terminology and Abbreviations

Sprayers apply chemical as liquid spray. Pressure washer sprayers include a fan pattern nozzle for quick application over large areas. The fan nozzle can be removed for zero degree output for longer range. Spray distance is dependent on pressure washer volume.
<b>Airless Foamer</b>
Airless Foamers apply chemical as a wet foamy lather – without compressed air. The Airless Foam Wand draws atmospheric air into the chemical solution. Airless foam is excellent for rehydrating surface soils to facilitate removal. Most “softwash” applications involve foam due to increased chemical contact time, visual confirmation of coverage, and greatly reduced application pressure.
<b>SS - Stainless Steel</b>
Injectors and foam wands are machined from stainless steel for exceptional durability and temperatures up to 180°F. Low maintenance with few or no moving (wear) parts.
<b>HC- High Concentrate</b>
Specialized units to produce the strongest dilution ratios possible, but with shorter maximum foam throw distance than the non-HC equivalent.

Configurations and Key Benefits Summaries

Connects directly to pressure washer trigger gun (1/4″” quick connect). Injector and nozzle are a single assembly. Easily removed for high pressure rinsing. No limit to hose length from pressure washer.

This is the most versatile style of pressure washer equipment, but requires the user to keep the concentrated chemical nearby.
A type of Hose-End unit. Includes an attached bottle for chemical concentrate instead of a long suction tube.
Injector is separate from the paired foam wand or spray nozzle so the user does not need to carry chemical.

Use a normal high pressure nozzle (not included) to stop chemical suction and rinse at reduced pressure, or disconnect the injector to rinse at full volume and pressure.
Same foam performance and injector requirements as the equivalent Combo unit. Includes a valve to bypass the chemical injector and rinse at full volume and pressure.

Available with one or more chemical pickups for multiple chemicals or dilution ratios.
<b>Double Bypass</b>
Specialized Bypass unit with a diverter valve to relieve excess pressure/volume on pressure washers with flows greater than 5.5 GPM. Excess water volume is diverted directly back into the water tank, allowing the unit to simulate a lower volume pressure washer to reduce water and chemical consumption.

The diverter valve can be used to reduce foam, spray, or rinse volume for more controlled close range applications.

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