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Color-Coding Options

Color coding helps identify equipment and chemicals, and is a vital step in eliminating cross-contamination. Use different colors to indicate where equipment belongs and how to use it.

Color-Coding Benefits

  • Avoid chemical accidents – know what chemical is being used
  •  Overcome language barriers
  • Stop equipment from being taken from its designated area
    • Food contact areas and non-food contact areas
    • Raw areas and cooked areas
    • Potential allergen products and non-allergen products
    • Restrooms and production areas
  • Coordinate with company colors and branding

Available color options vary on a unit-by-unit basis. Examples are shown below. Please contact us for details about specific models.

Compact Foamers and Sprayers

Portable 20 Gallon Systems

Discharge Hoses

Ball Valve Mixing Stations

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