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Metering Tip Installation and Removal of Broken Tip – Video

This short video demonstrates how to use the metering tip driver to carefully install a metering tip and how to remove a broken tip.

Do not overtighten or cross thread!

Damage can occur before the tip head breaks off, and cause unexpected failure later.

Carefully thread the metering tip into the tip holder using the metering tip driver tool.

Take care to avoid cross threading and/or overtightening. Finger tight is okay! The metering tip driver tool makes it easier to hold the small tips and insert them into units where the tip holder isn’t as accessible as the Compact Sprayer shown in the video.

If the tip head breaks off due to overtightening, try removing it with a small eyeglass screwdriver. Take care to avoid damaging (scratching) the inside threads of the tip holder, or the tip holder may need to be replaced.

Replacement metering tips are available (packs and individual colors), but first consult the metering tip chart for your unit. It is possible that the next size larger or smaller tip will not significantly affect dilution.

This procedure is the same for a any Lafferty unit, including wall-mounted systems with a check valve that is threaded for metering tips and systems with an in-line metering tip holder.

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