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Operating Instructions for Air-Assisted Venturi Foamers

This video tutorial explains basic operating instructions and best practices for Lafferty air-assisted foamers.

Inconsistent Foam Output? Sputtering?

If your foamer is drawing chemical, but the foam output is inconsistent and/or sputtering, turn down the compressed air pressure. Use the air regulator (or needle valve) to reduce air pressure to be LOWER than the water pressure while the foamer is in operation.

Air pressure must be kept lower than water pressure.

  • Wait a few seconds to see the result of each air adjustment and observe foam consistency.
  • Use the least amount of air needed to achieve good foam quality to prevent water pressure fluctuations from affecting performance.
  • Medium wet foam will give the best cleaning results! Dry foam will NOT clean as well! Learn more with our Foam Cleaning Overview.
  • You may have to try different sized metering tips and air settings until foam consistency and cleaning results are acceptable.
  • Once the desired foam consistency is achieved, push in to lock the knob on the air regulator. 

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