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Pump Manual: Flojet G70C (ATEX, Kalrez)

Upgrade for Lafferty Transfer Systems: Kalrez, ATEX Pump
# 941600-ATEX

The 1-Way FPS Transfer System with ATEX Pump Upgrade features EPDM hoses, Kalrez pump diaphragms, and a grounding wire – making it suitable for many solvent/alcohol applications.  It will fill any sized container with chemical concentrate or ready-to-use solution.

Compressed air powers an ATEX-approved FloJet air pump, which draws chemical from the drum or tote and dispenses it into any other container through a 15 foot discharge hose and trigger gun. This unit uses a ball valve as the on/off control for the pump. Transfer systems are available with multiple pumps.

Below is more information about the ATEX-approved pump.

Flojet Air Operated Diaphragm Pump G70c – 360° Video

Flojet G70C: Data Sheet

Flojet G70 & G71 Series: Instructions

See section 3.0 for general information about ATEX safety, and section 3.7 for electrical grounding details. A grounding wire is included with ATEX Pump Upgrade #941600-ATEX.

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