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Fogger Series Comparison

Powered solely by compressed air, Lafferty Venturi Foggers atomize ready-to-use (pre-diluted) chemical. Depending on the fogger model, a wet, damp or dry fog is produced. The following comparison information identifies the different compressed air requirements, fogging particle consistency, and effective range of each unit.

633 Foggers

Small to medium size “damp” particles.
Project fog up to 15 feet each way.


*compressed air volume based on 80 PSI

305 Foggers

Small to medium size “damp” particles.
Project fog up to 25 feet each way.


*compressed air volume based on 80 PSI

455 Foggers

Fine, “dry” particles.
Project fog up to 35 feet each way.


*compressed air volume based on 80 PSI

All Fogger Series

  • Fog (mist) fills the air and covers exposed surfaces, including hard-to-reach areas, to provide the required contact time for disinfectants and sanitizers.
  • Particle size (wetness) can be reduced to avoid over-wetting surfaces or for air-treatment chemicals such as deodorizers and insecticides. This is accomplished by using a metering tip or needle valve to restrict the flow of chemical being drawn into the air stream. Refer to model-specific literature for details.

Lafferty Foggers are adjustable! Restricting the flow of chemical into the air stream increases the air/solution ratio to create smaller and drier particles.

See our Fogger FAQ

As shown, each fogger series has different compressed air requirements and projection distances. Model selection is based on the size of an area and available compressed air.

Our specialty 612 Series features even lower compressed air requirements and projection distance than the 633 Series.

Details in Fogger Catalog
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1, 2, 3 and 4-Way Venturi Foggers

Venturi Foggers connect to a compressed air line and draw chemical from a nearby container. These foggers are available for all series (633, 305, or 455), as shown in the tables above.

2 or 4-Way

Portable Venturi Foggers

Lafferty Portable Foggers are available for all series (633, 305, or 455) with a choice of tank size and optional control box timer. The 4-Way fogger assembly includes ball valves on two of the four fogger bodies for 2-Way fogging in narrow areas.

20-Gallon, Timed

Pump Fed Foggers

Lafferty Pump Fed Foggers receive ready-to-use chemical from a central pumping system. Chemical containers are not required near each fogger. Pump Fed Foggers are available for all series (633, 305, or 455), but 633 and 305 are the most common for central systems.

2-Zone Pump Fed Fogger Installation

Precision and Compact Foggers

Compact Foggers are damp mist sprayers that use compressed air and venturi action to draw ready-to-use chemical solution from an attached bottle. Available for the 612, 633, and 305 series, as compared above.

The Precision Fogger is a complete professional fogging solution with storage for bulk chemical and an onboard 120V air compressor that powers a unique stainless steel fogger head. Ideal for fogging in offices, gyms, cruise ships, and more.

It is important to validate the results of fogging and disinfection procedures.

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