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Lafferty Terminology and Abbreviations

Lafferty Equipment manufactures hundreds of standard products and variants with countless opportunities for customization.

Many product and part names are functional descriptions that represent the principle of operation and/or included components. Abbreviations are often combined in product names and descriptions.

For example:

  • HV Foamer = High Volume Foamer
  • HVHC Foamer = High Volume, High Concentrate Foamer
  • HVHCSS Foamer = High Volume, High Concentrate, Stainless Steel Foamer

This list includes our most common abbreviations, but it is not a comprehensive list. Product overviews, key feature lists, and part diagrams typically explain abbreviations in context, but don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.

AFAirless Foamer
AODDAir Operated Double Diaphragm (Pump)
APAir Pump
ARAsphalt Release
AWGAmerican Wire Gauge
BBoth (Ends Have Fittings) — Also, Bottle
BFBottle Fill
BNMBlue Non-Marking
BOMBill Of Materials
BSPBritish Standard Pipe Thread
C/R/FChemical Rinse Foam
C/R/R/FChemical Rinse Rinse Foam
CFChemical Foam
CPVCChlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride
DARTDrive thru Asphalt Release – Timed
DBMDrum Bung Mount
DUDual Chemical Pickup
DUHCDual Chemical Pickup – High Concentrate
EEElectric Eye
EPElectric Pump
EPDMEthylene Propylene Diene Monomer
FFBFemale-Female W/ Butterfly Handle
FFLFemale-Female W/ Lever Handle
FGHFemale Garden Hose
FMBFemale-Male W/ Butterfly Handle
FMLFemale-Male W/ Lever Handle
FPSFlojet Air Pump W/ Santoprene Seals
GHGarden Hose
GHFGarden Hose Fitting
GPMGallons Per Minute
HBHose Barb
HCHigh Concentrate
HDSHose Drop Station
HFHigh Flow
HPHigh Pressure
HVHigh Volume
IDInside Diameter
LBLock Box
LCLow City Pressure
LCDLiquid Crystal Display
LEM or LELafferty Equipment Modified (Custom Products)
LFLow Flow
LMLevel Master
LVLow Volume
MGHMale Garden Hose
MMMetering Manifold
MPTMale Pipe Threads
NPBNickel Plated Brass
ODOutside Diameter
PDPre-Dilute (For Pre-Diluted Chemical)
PFBPump-Fed Block
PPBPolypropylene Block
PSIPounds Per Square Inch
PVCPolyvinyl Chloride
QDQuick Disconnect
RADARRapid Drive thru Asphalt Release (Electric Eye)
SCFMStandard Cubic Feet Per Minute (Air Flow)
SCHSchedule (ex. SCH 80)
SSStainless Steel
VVolt — Also, Viton
WR-11 Chemical Wash, and Rinse
WR-22 Chemical Wash, and Rinse

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