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Entryway Foam Sanitizers – Venturi Selection Guide

Venturi Entryway Foam Sanitizers use water pressure to dilute chemicals “on-the-fly” from concentrate located at the entryway.

Venturi Timed Entryway – 976500
Venturi Entryway Systems are easy to install and offer many advantages.
  • Flexible for changing facility requirements.
  • No need to install chemical piping
  • Great for retrofits and isolated locations.
  • Not dependent on central chemical feed pumps.
  • Each unit dilutes chemical independently.
  • Allows for different chemical products and/or dilutions at each doorway.

Table of Contents

Venturi Entryway Configurations


Operate independent timed units or activate several satellite units simultaneously.

Timed Controller
PLC Controller

Satellite units only. Activate several satellites simultaneously with a simple repeating timer or an advanced controller.

Door Size

Choose a model that will cover the entire entryway area with foam.

All configurations are available for:

• 3′ wide walk doors (standard)
• Up to 6′ wide double doors (MV)
• Up to 16′ wide overhead doors (HV)

HV models for larger doors require a Spreader Nozzle on each side of the doorway, while a single nozzle achieves full coverage for smaller doors.

* Timed venturi models shown above

Design the optimal Pump Fed System with the Lafferty Entryway Systems Planning Tool

Venturi Timed Systems

Each entryway system includes a control box and operates independently. Simple timer settings apply foam at regular, timed intervals – with a manual override switch.

This is the “standard” installation configuration. It is also the easiest to install and the most flexible to run.

When a larger number of units are involved, it may be necessary to adjust timers to ensure that the number of units foaming at the same time does not exceed the available water volume. Use the Lafferty Entryway Systems Planning Tool to calculate utility requirements.

Control box upgrades are available for Remote Push Button and Electric Eye (Photocell) activation.

ModelDescription with Link to DetailsCoverage
976500Timed Entryway Foam Sanitizer3′
976505Timed Dual Entryway Foam Sanitizer3′ (x2)
976530Timed Entryway MV Foam Sanitizer6′
976560Timed Entryway HV Foam Sanitizer16′
Optional Upgrades
976001PBVenturi Push Button Upgrade
976001EEVenturi Photocell Upgrade
976001SLAnticipatory Strobe Light Upgrade
976012Entryway Dual Chemical Pick-up Assembly

Venturi Satellites with Controller

Simultaneously activate up to 10 Satellite Entryway Foamers with a simple repeating timer, or advanced controller.

The Satellite Controller regulates airflow to Satellite units, which include a solenoid on the chemical solution line that opens to begin foaming. The control box includes a manual override switch.

This configuration may provide savings due to a lower cost per doorway. When a larger number of units are involved, ensure water volume (GPM) and compressed air (CFM) availability are adequate for your intended system configuration. Use the Lafferty Entryway Systems Planning Tool to calculate utility requirements.

The Timed Entryway Satellite Controller offers simple settings to activate unit(s) at regular, timed intervals.


The PLC Jazz Satellite Controller features highly flexible programming options for holidays, weekly or seasonal changes in hours, and peak versus off-peak traffic demands.

ModelDescription with Link to DetailsCoverage
976650Satellite Entryway Foam Sanitizer3′
976651Satellite Entryway MV Foam Sanitizer6′
976652Satellite Entryway HV Foam Sanitizer16′
Satellite Controllers
976625Timed Entryway Satellite Controller
976630PLC Jazz Entryway Satellite Controller
Optional Upgrades
976012Entryway Dual Chemical Pick-up Assembly

Lafferty also offers entryway variants and options for special situations:
  • Air pump models for facilities with low/fluctuating water pressure.
  • “Airless” foamers that do not require compressed air.
  • Dual-door systems to simultaneously foam two nearby doorways.
  • Dual pickups for foaming additives and 2-part chemicals.
  • 24V versions of any 120V system.
  • Custom designs and more!

Don’t forget hand sanitation!

Please contact us for personal assistance based on the exact needs of your facility.

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