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Thank you for your interest in our equipment! Since 2012, Blue Mule has been the online retail brand of the industrial manufacturing company, Lafferty Equipment. Blue Mule facilitated the purchase of some of our most popular chemical dilution and dispensing systems.

We are pleased to now offer online ordering directly through Lafferty Equipment.

While Lafferty and Blue Mule always operated as one company behind the scenes as the original manufacturer, Blue Mule customers will now enjoy access to the full Lafferty product range and customer service team. The products themselves and prices remain the same, although some are referred to by different descriptions (names) and part numbers.

Blue Mule will stop accepting new orders in December 2022, and all operations will transition to Lafferty. Existing Blue Mule website orders will process normally, and product warranties are unaffected.

Same designs, different name!

Use the Blue Mule part number tables below to identify the equivalent Lafferty part number. Links are provided to view technical details and purchase on the Lafferty website.

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Table of Contents

Use the category links to jump to a specific section, or just scroll down, and learn how these versatile systems are ready to tackle tough cleaning and disinfecting challenges.

Hose-End Foamers & Sprayers

Hose-End Foamers and Sprayers (also known as Foam-Alls and Spray-Alls) combine a chemical injector and nozzle/wand into a heavy-duty machined polypropylene assembly.  Simply connect the unit to the end of a water hose, set the dilution ratio using the included color-coded metering tips, and start cleaning!

These easy-to-use chemical dilution and application systems are great for everything from washing cars to disinfecting animal care facilities.

Lafferty machined polypropylene injector bodies and stainless steel fittings offer superior durability and performance compared to molded plastic alternatives.

“Compact” models draw chemical from an attached bottle. Other configurations include a suction tube to draw chemical from any user-supplied container.

Use a Foamer to dilute and apply foaming chemicals or Sprayer for non-foaming products.  Foam is great for many reasons, but sprayers can cover a wider area and shoot further – so the best choice depends on your goals.

Most configurations feature a choice of flow rates. When choosing a model, consider the desired coverage speed versus the rate of chemical usage.

Stainless steel ball valve activation is offered for extra durability in demanding environments.

Hose-End Sprayers (Spray-Alls)

Blue Mule #Lafferty #Link to Purchase
BLU09969820-B32Model 20 Compact Sprayer
(Low Volume)
BLU10969850-B32Model 50 Compact Sprayer
BLU11969857Model 51 Sprayer

Hose-End Foamers (Foam-Alls)

Blue Mule #Lafferty #Link to Purchase
BLU15969920-B32Model 15 Compact Airless Foamer
(Low Volume)
BLU13969925-B32Model 25 Compact Airless Foamer
BLU14969937Model 251 Airless Foamer

Complete Wall-Mounted Systems

Complete Wall-Mounted Systems include a heavy-duty machined chemical injector, discharge hose, and paired nozzle or foam wand.  Safety and ease-of-use are enhanced because the user doesn’t need to transfer or carry chemical. Simply connect the system to a water supply, set the dilution ratio(s) using the included metering tips, and start cleaning!

Most wall-mounted units are available in a portable configuration.

Consider installing wall-mounted units in areas that require frequent cleaning. It is easy to use and offers long-term cost advantages compared to hose-end style equipment.

Choose a model based on the desired flow rate and coverage, and whether you wish to apply foam or liquid spray.  Some systems are specialized for animal bathing, but Blue Mule foaming and spraying equipment can be used with any liquid chemical product.

Lafferty “Uni-Body” Systems™ dilute chemical on demand using city water pressure (35-125 PSI) using a durable, chemical-resistant, machined polypropylene body. These systems are designed with cost-effectiveness in mind, and similar units are available with stainless steel mounting brackets for exceptionally demanding environments.

Uni-Body Spray-Alls dilute chemical and project liquid spray in a fan pattern and are typically used to apply non-foaming chemicals.

Similar to the Compact Sprayers, above, choose a model based on the desired output volume (w-20, W-50, etc.)

Uni-Body Airless Foamers dilute chemical and create wet, clinging foam without compressed air. They are used with foaming disinfectants, degreasers, or any cleaning detergent (soap).

#975075 Uni-Body A-25 Airless Foamer is suitable for most situations.

Blue Mule #Lafferty #Link to Purchase
BLU20975020Uni-Body W-20 Spray-All
BLU21975050Uni-Body W-50 Spray-All
BLU24975072Uni-Body A-12 Airless Foamer
BLU25975075Uni-Body A-25 Airless Foamer

Available in drum-mounted configurations.

Airless Brush Foamers dilute concentrated chemical on demand using water pressure.  Then, the diluted solution flows through the foamer body that draws in atmospheric air to create the optimal volume of wet, clinging foam.  No compressed air required. Available with a soft or stiff bristle brush for tasks that require a soft touch or hard scrubbing.

Lafferty also offers Brush Foamers that utilize compressed air to create richer foam.

Blue Mule #Lafferty #Link to Purchase
BLU30975515Uni-Body Soft Brush Airless Foamer
BLU32975520Uni-Body Stiff Brush Airless Foamer
BLU35BLU35Soft Brush Low Volume Ultimate Wash System

Got an air compressor?

Compressed-Air-Assisted Foamers also dilute chemical on demand, but inject compressed air into the solution. Air-assisted foam clings better than airless foam and the foam consistency (wet/dry) is adjustable. Learn more with our Foam Cleaning Overview.

#975545-G Uni-Body LV Foamer is a low volume foamer (0.65 GPM @ 40 PSI) but it’s perfectly capable of foaming larger areas. The low compressed air requirement of 1.25 CFM means it can be powered by a smaller consumer-grade air compressor.

Blue Mule #Lafferty #Link to Purchase
BLU28975545-GUni-Body LV Foamer

Available with higher flow rates.

Mixing Stations (Proportioning Dispensers)

Ball Valve Mixing Station
Push Lever Mixing Station

Mixing Stations (Proportioning Dispensers) dilute concentrated chemical on demand using water pressure and dispense into any size container. They are the heart of any chemical management program.

Mixing Stations with more than one valve dilute multiple chemicals (disinfectant, floor cleaner, degreaser, window cleaner, etc.) or dilute the same chemical to several different ratios (daily use, extra strength, etc.)

Lafferty offers models with ball valve or push lever activation, to prevent the unit from running unattended.

Select Lafferty Mixing Stations are certified to meet ASSE 1055, which is a widely-recognized standard for chemical dilution devices with an integral method of backflow prevention.

Level Master

In addition to manually activated mixing stations, Lafferty also offers Level Masters, which are float valve activated proportioners that maintain a day tank of ready-to-use chemical solution.

Blue Mule #Lafferty #Link to Purchase
BLU819851001-Way Ball Valve Mixing Station
BLU829852002-Way Ball Valve Mixing Station
BLU839853003-Way Ball Valve Mixing Station

Available with up to 5 valves.

Choose a factory-set flow rate for each valve when ordering.

Bottle Fill
0.62 GPM @ 40 PSI to avoid splashing while filling small hand-held spray bottles.

Dilution Range
142:1 to 1.7:1 @ 40 PSI

Low Flow
2.10 GPM @ 40 PSI for mid-size containers (1-gallon jugs, Pump Up Foamers, etc.)

Dilution Range
480:1 to 3.5:1 @ 40 PSI

High Flow
4.51 GPM @ 40 PSI for larger containers such as mop buckets and air pump foamers.

Dilution Range
1,031:1 to 4.8:1 @ 40 PSI

Pump-Up Foamers (Foam-Alls)


Pump-Up Foamers project a low volume of rich, clinging foam.  They are ideal for precise application and when portability is required.

Simply fill with pre-diluted (ready-to-use) foaming chemical from a Mixing Station, pressurize the tank, and start cleaning!

Lafferty also offers Pump-Up Sprayers for non-foaming chemicals.

Looking for Pump Up Foamer seal repair kits, parts, and accessories? Check out our parts and customization guide.

Blue Mule #Lafferty #Link to Purchase
BLU04925004Pump-Up Foamer Pro, 1.5 Gallon
BLU05925005Pump-Up Foamer Pro, 3 Gallon

Add -E to the end of the Lafferty part number for factory-installed EPDM seals (Viton/Nitrile standard).

Fogging Systems

Foggers (also called Misters) atomize and project ready-to-use chemical using compressed air.

Damp fog (mist) fills the air and covers exposed surfaces with chemical, including hard-to-reach areas.  Metering tips can reduce chemical usage rate and output wetness.

Choose a model based on the size of the area involved and the available compressed air. The Fogger Series Comparison provides a summary of utility requirements and performance.

“Compact” Foggers (AKA Fog Guns) feature an attached chemical container and connect to a compressed air line.

Blue Mule #Lafferty #Link to Purchase
BLU90950000-B612 Compact Fogger
Low Volume
BLU96950001-B633 Compact Fogger

In addition to simple hose-end Compact Foggers, Lafferty offers many other configurations for a wide range of cleaning, disinfecting, and deodorizing applications. Portable carts with a 5 or 20-gallon chemical tank, timed-delay activation, pump fed central feed systems, stainless steel foggers, and much more.

Portable Foggers
Venturi Foggers
Pump Fed Foggers

Pressure Washer Equipment

Pressure washer foamers and sprayers dilute chemical on demand using a chemical injector and apply it with a paired spray nozzle and/or foam wand.  These industrial-grade pressure washer attachments feature machined stainless steel bodies for long life and low maintenance.

Hose-End and “Compact” units dilute chemical concentrate from an attached bottle or bulk container near the gun.  This configuration is incredibly versatile and the easiest way to start cleaning.

“Combo” kits feature an injector that is typically installed at or near the pressure washer, to avoid carrying chemical, and include nozzles to foam or spray.  Choose Model 10 or Model 20 based on the GPM of your pressure washer (details at links below).

Blue Mule #Lafferty # Link to Purchase
BLU52969520Model 20 SS Hose End Sprayer
BLU55969521-BModel 20 SS Compact Sprayer
BLU62969620Model 20 SS Hose End Airless Foamer
BLU65969621-BModel 20 SS Compact Airless Foamer
BLU71969710Model 10 SS Combo Airless Foamer / Sprayer Kit
BLU72969720Model 20 SS Combo Airless Foamer / Sprayer Kit
Need to apply chemical AND quickly switch to rinsing with full pressure?

Consider a Lafferty BYPASS Foam/Spray System for pressure washers and other high-pressure water supplies. These all-stainless-steel venturi dilution systems are available with multiple chemical pickups to switch between chemicals and/or dilution ratios.

Hose Racks & Chemical Jug Racks

Hose Racks and Jug Racks are an important part of any chemical management setup. They enhance safety and organization by keeping hoses and chemical containers neat, tidy, and safely off the floor.

Stainless Steel Hose Racks are the perfect companion for any chemical dilution or application system.

Hose Straps feature a simple, curved design with no seams or pockets to trap unsanitary debris.

Blue Mule #Lafferty #Link to Purchase
BLUE-502224145Hose Rack, SS, Small
BLUE-505224150Hose Rack, SS, Large
N/A224152Hose Rack, SS, XL

Chemical Jug Racks secure chemical containers and keep them off the floor.

  • Heavy-duty, all-stainless-steel design
  • Options to fit round or square chemical containers
  • Locking racks accommodate a user-supplied lock to discourage tampering and theft
Blue Mule #Lafferty #Link to Purchase
BLUE-509224201X-BLKJug Rack, 1 Gallon Steel Wire
Fits Round, Square & F-Style
224201X-SS224201X-SSJug Rack, 1 Gallon SS Wire
Fits Round, Square & F-Style
BLUE-510224200Jug Rack, SS, 1 Gallon
Fits Round & Square
BLUE-511224200-LJug Rack, SS, 1 Gallon, Locking
Fits Round & Square
BLUE-512224201Jug Rack, SS, 1 Gallon/5 Liter, F-Style
BLUE-513224210Jug Rack, SS, 2-1/2 Gallon
BLUE-515224215Jug Rack, SS, 5 Gallon
Fits Round/Square

The Sentinel is perfect for dispensing hand sanitizer in high-traffic/high-use locations such as commercial kitchens, hospitals, military facilities, retail stores, gyms, office buildings, entertainment venues and countless other locations.

  • Prevents over-dispensing
  • Prevents pump breakage
  • Heavy-duty, stainless-steel design
  • Fits bulk containers of many sizes and shapes
  • Fits most dispensing pumps (short, tall, foaming, etc.)
  • Protects against user abuse and theft
  • Push lever adjustable range of motion
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Professional, high-end appearance
  • Outstanding return on investment

Accessories & Spare Parts

We offer convenient accessories to complement our wide range of chemical dilution and application equipment.

Chemical management made simpler, neater, cleaner and safer.

Should the need arise, we also offer replacement/spare parts.  Refer to the “Installation & Operation Instructions” on the Lafferty website to see a parts diagram for each unit.

Many parts can be purchased online, and we are always expanding our selection.  Please submit a contact form to request pricing for anything that is not currently available on the Lafferty website.

Animal Bathing Systems

Bathing systems for professional groomers and pet owners

Blue Mule bathing systems save time and money by accurately diluting concentrated products (shampoo, conditioner, etc.) and applying directly on to the animal as liquid spray or foamy lather, depending on whether a spray nozzle or foam wand is being used.

Simply connect to 40+ PSI water pressure, set your dilutions with color-coded metering tips, and start washing.

“City” water pressure is typically suitable, but can vary between locations, and even between faucets in a building – so our systems include a water pressure gauge to validate. Adjust metering tips if you find you’re using too much or too little shampoo.

Our heavy-duty, low-maintenance, and easy-to-use equipment will outperform and outlast the competition through superior design and materials. Our polypropylene injector bodies are machined in house before being assembled and tested – all in the USA.

Dilution and application systems are available to address almost any situation – from washing tiny kittens to horses!

Any single-function Lafferty Foamer or Sprayer can apply shampoo products, but Blue Mule “Ultimate Wash Systems” include a rinse mode and special nozzles.

Core Bathing Systems

These versatile systems feature a water flow rate of 2.3 GPM @ 40 PSI while applying product and include a rinse mode. These systems are available with 2, 6, or 8 suction tubes for multiple unique products and/or different dilution ratios of the same products.

Ultimate Wash System 6
Ultimate Wash System 6
5-Hole Spray Nozzle
A-50 Airless Foam Wand

The unique 5-hole nozzle creates a fur penetrating spray and is interchangeable with an optional airless foam wand, which creates a foamy lather. A foam wand is optional for the Ultimate Wash System 2 and 6, and is included standard with the Ultimate Wash System 8.

Blue Mule #Lafferty #Link to Purchase
BLU42BLU42Ultimate Wash System 2
BLU47BLU47Ultimate Wash System 6
BLU48BLU48Ultimate Wash System 8
BLUE-528BLUE-528A-50 Airless Foam Wand
Low Volume Bathing Systems

The water flow rate during wash mode is less than 1 GPM @ 40 PSI. These systems minimize water and product usage, but the inherently low flow rate may not be ideal for all situations.

Blue Mule #Lafferty #Link to Purchase
BLU37BLU372-Hose Low Volume Foam-All
No Rinse Mode
BLU46BLU46Low Volume Ultimate Wash System 2.5
Equine Bathing Systems

These systems include a 40′ discharge hose, making them ideal for permanent installation in horse stables and wash pads. If desired, for small animal bathing, the discharge hose can be cut to length.

Blue Mule #Lafferty #Link to Purchase
BLU40BLU40Ultimate Wash System 1
BLU44BLU44Ultimate Wash System 4

Ultimate Wash System 4 can apply product quickly or slowly (two flow rates).

Shown in video: Ultimate Wash System 2 (2.3 GPM @ 40 PSI) with extended-length hose run through an over-the-head wash arm. Our standard equine bathing systems, Ultimate Wash Systems 1 and 4, feature slightly-lower-volume product application modes to reduce runoff (1.25 GPM @ 40 PSI).

Lawn & Garden Sprayers

Fertilizers and broad-application lawn-care products are different than cleaning chemicals because the dilution ratio (chemical strength) is not the critical factor. The goal is typically to throw down a certain volume of product per area. For example, the chemical label may specify 16 oz. of liquid fertilizer per 1,000 sqft.


The Spray-Alls in this section have a flow rate of 2.3 GPM @ 40 PSI water pressure. This moderate flow rate is ideal for quick coverage over large areas, and allows most small, suspended particles to pass through the body without interference.

40-degree nozzle vs. standard
Focused nozzle

The standard sprayer nozzle projects a 25-degree fan pattern, which offers a balance between wide coverage and distance. Optional alternate nozzles can provide longer-range or broader-area application. A focused nozzle will project chemical further, which is useful for shooting insecticide into tall trees and house/roof washing.

For more precise application and slower chemical usage rate, consider the low-volume Model 20 Compact Sprayer, which is shown above in this guide.

Blue Mule #Lafferty #Link to Purchase
BLU10969850-B32Model 50 Compact Sprayer
BLU11969857Model 51 Sprayer
180550180550Focused Nozzle, 0550
18045018045040-Degree Fan Nozzle, 4050
709082709082Compact Bottle, 32oz (Extra)

Nozzle options are ONLY compatible with the sprayer models listed.

Veterinary Sanitation

Many Blue Mule products have earned a role applying disinfectants and cleaning products in animal care facilities. Mixing Stations are perfect for filling handheld spray bottles, Pump Up Foamers, mop buckets, and more – while Compact Foamers quickly disinfect kennel runs. Lafferty offers all of this and so much more!


Learn more with our comprehensive Companion Animal Health Equipment Selection Guide and don’t hesitate to contact us.

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